Discover a new way to enjoy the magic of the desert ! Enjoy a day with Paddle to the Core at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area or join us on our travel SUP adventures.

Paddle to the Core is very athlete friendly and we want to introduce you to cross training on a SUP. Let us help you train for your next triathlon, endurance race, or whatever challenge you have placed before yourself!

Get out and Get UP.

SUPLV Challenge

Your next adventure awaits you
Your next adventure awaits you

Introducing the SUPLV Challenge. Travel with the SUPLV family to various adventure spots within a 200 mile radius. Our adventure excursions include paddle boarding, biking, hiking, camping, and more!

The adventure starts June 1st – June 8th in Mammoth, CA. Sign up by May 10th to join our adventure!

SUP Rentals

Get your paddle on with hourly, half-day, and full-day rentals. Excursions and adventure packages also available.


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  • "We LOVE Paddle to the Core!  My husband and I have been Henderson residents for over 20 years and are outdoor enthusiasts who were thrilled when Stand Up Paddle Boarding became available locally in such a beautiful and convenient location @ the Westin.  Kathy has done a fabulous job growing the business and Paddle to the Core is a wonderful amenity to the hotel.  The private beach is such a perfect location for the business because of the protected water that opens onto the larger lake.  Kathy and her staff are always so hospitable and wonderfully kind, positive and helpful.  They are great ambassadors to the hotel for sure.  We have brought many local and out of town friends specifically to Paddle Board and see doing it more and more as our 8 & 10 year old boys get older.  I have also used Paddle to the Core in my triathalon training over the past 2 years.  We ride around Lake Las Vegas and practice swimming in the Lake.  My training partner and I participated in the Irong Girl Triathalon in 2013 and were disappointed it wasn't held at the Westin again this past season.   Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a fantastic family activity that always ends with lunch at the pool bc the kids love the slide.  Looking forward to many more great days at Lake LV in the future."    

    Charlotte Carrier
  • Granted, I am a card-carrying member of the Coast Snob Club. It is like pulling teeth to get me any farther than 50 miles away from the smell of sweet salt air. But when Kathy Holesapple and her crew at Paddle to the Core lured me out to the cool blue waters of the high desert at Lake Las Vegas, I had no idea how transforming a few days with her would be. I witnessed Kathy give a paddling lesson to a woman with zero aquatic ability and even less confidence: With her always uplifting attitude and gentle means of sculpting souls, Kathy had a convert within minutes and a new friend for life… and she does this with thousands of people every year. During my brief stay I saw colors I had never seen, paddled waters that slid beneath me in silence, and met people that were empowered by a woman who just plain loves what she does.

    Glenn DubockPhoto Editor/Associate Publisher
  • My wife and I came to you last week asking for hiking recommendations in the area.  We had 3 days to hike and we wanted to make the most out of our trip.  Your recommendations made our week!  We did the 'Old Railroad Trail' at the Hoover Dam on Day 1.  On Day 2, we hiked a 7 mile loop at Red Rock Canyon.  On Day 3, we did several trails at the spectacular Valley of Fire.  The drive to get there was a wonderful, beautiful, bonus!
    We tried to plan out our hiking trips before getting to Lake Las Vegas, but the places you recommended blew those away.
    Just wanted to say Thank you...Thank you...THANK YOU...for taking the time to help us out and for the unforgettable recommendations.  It was a trip we will never forget and you played a very big part in that.  Can't really say thank you enough.
    Tony and Jennifer Straw

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